Monday, 15 July 2013

Jesus in India Exhibition in Canada

 ”And We (Allah) made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign, and gave them refuge on an elevated land of green valleys and springs of running water.” (Al Quran 23:51)

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada held the Exhibition in downtown Toronto, about the theme of Jesus in India on July 11, 2013.
About 150 guests visited the Exhibit, in City Hall Toronto and 40 of them studied the displays in some detail and asked questions and were intrigued by the information.
Human memory leads to the illusion-of-truth effect, meaning that we are more likely to rate those statements true that we are familiar with, regardless of their veracity. As such familiarity impairs judgment and prevents people from noticing let alone accepting the obvious limitations in their views.
Familiar seems true and unfamiliar, however logical and rational, seems fictional.A few guests expressed their displeasure about the concept that Jesus had survived crucifixion and migrated to India.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Will He Dare?

“The Koran does not have an eternal origin. It is not recorded in heaven. The Almighty God, Creator of the World, is NOT its source. It is not holy. It’s writings are human in origin, a concoction of old and new teachings. This has been stated and restated for centuries by scholars since Islam’s beginnings, both Moslem and non-Moslem”
This is the second reason given by the Dove Church of Florida. Mr. Terry seems just an outspoken person who just throws out whatever comes in his mouth and this time he has tried to spit on the sun which obviously is going to mark his own face. Let’s scan both the Holy Quran and Bible specifically the New Testament as to see which one is divine and preserved in its text. The Holy Quran which is the latest of the revealed scriptures, is the only Book that itself claims to be the original, uncorrupted Word of God. It throws down an open challenge to all the religions and their followers to prove the validity of their Books and the attributes they bestow upon them.
Now let’s have a look on the New Testament. It contains the four Gospels that are evidently a narration about the life and times of Jesus Christ. Then there are letters and accounts by the disciples of activities of the Christians of the period.
The New Testament scores very low on the above criteria. There is not a single verse that claims for the Gospels to be the Divine Word. The various Gospels contradict each other in many places. The words of the same One God should not vary no matter how often they are repeated. There is a considerable controversy about the actual authors. It is debatable whether the disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the actual authors or whether the Books written by other devotees and dedicated to the names of the famous disciples.
The Council of Nicaea played a very significant role in the development of the present day New Testament and the Christian creed. When in 308 A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine accepted Christianity, and found that in his realms alone there were more than seven hundred different manuscripts all claiming to be the only true Gospel by Matthew.
The Emperor also realized that all these books presented a very different portrait of Jesus Christ and his teachings, peace be upon him. The followers of these individual manuscripts were so devoted to their particular books, that already contentions, riots and disturbances due to rivalry were happening between the different Christian groups in the Roman Empire.
This was rather disconcerting for the Emperor so in 325 A.D. he appointed a Council of Nicaea consisting of fifty scholars. He collected all the manuscripts that were scattered in his Empire, and handed them to the council and commissioned them to formulate an official New Testament that presented a very consistent portrait of Jesus Christ and his teachings, peace be upon him. The copies of this New Testament were placed in various centers of his Empire.
The most foul act that the Emperor and his Council did was that they destroyed all the old manuscripts that were given to them. They wanted to eliminate for good all the possible bones of contention from amongst the people, thus, attempting to secure peace within the Empire. Some manuscripts of the Gospels existed in other countries but the Council of Nicaea and the subsequent Roman hierarchy branded these as Apocrypha or unacceptable.
Even in the present times each new edition of the New or the Old Testament differs from the previous editions and because there are no originals the text only convey the interpretations of the translators colored and biased with their own beliefs, sentiments and emotions.
On the contrary the Quran was literally preserved by being written on the hearts of people, as prophesied even by the Bible:
But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days says the Lord: “I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”
(Jeremiah 31:33)
Moreover, the style in which the Quran was revealed is also in total conformity with Isaiah’s prophecy about the new law being revealed as:
For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little. Nay, but by men of strange lips and with an alien tongue, the Lord will speak to His people to whom He has said.
(Isaiah 28:10-12 Revised Standard Version Pub: Wm Collins & Sons, For British and Foreign Bible Soc. 1952)
The revelations were the actual words of God Almighty conveyed to the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, by the Archangel Gabriel. God Almighty has made a very unique promise in the Holy Quran. He says We took it upon Ourselves to reveal this scripture and We have made it Our responsibility to preserve the purity and piety of its text.
That Divine Challenge put forth almost 1400 years ago is still valid today. The very fact that no other versions of the Quran exists is overwhelming evidence of its Divine protection. M. Bucaille in his book The Bible, The Quran and Science testifies to the above facts and some excerpts from his book follow:
“If we now examine the teachings of Muslim exegetes, we shall see that they present the Qur’an in quite a different manner. About fourteen centuries ago at a meditation retreat near Mecca, Muhammad received the first message through the Archangel Gabriel. After a long period of silence, the first message was followed by successive revelations spanning a period of some twenty years. They were not only transcribed while the Prophet was still alive, but also recited by heart by his early followers and later by the many believers who had gathered around him. After his death (i~ 632 A.D.), the various elements were brought together in a book, henceforth known as The Qur’an. It contains the Word of God to the exclusion of any human addition. The manuscripts we possess from the first century of Islam authenticate today’s text.”
“Islam has its equivalent of the Gospels in the Ahadiths. These are the collected sayings of Muhammad and the story of his deeds. The Gospels are nothing other than this for Jesus. The first collections of Ahadiths were written decades after the death of Muhammad, just as the Gospels were written decades after Jesus. In both cases they bear human witness to events in the past.”
“There are no scientific errors in the Quran.”
(The Bible, The Quran, and Science, Pub. Seghers, Paris)
The absolute accuracy of the Bible can be best described by quoting from the preface of the Revised Standard Version, which describes it as the most probable reconstruction of events based on the best judgment of competent scholars.
(The Holy Bible, RSV Catholic Edition, Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain, Pub. London Catholic Truth Society.)
The Quran, on the other hand, stands alone in its absolute authenticity. Its accuracy is beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt. This fact has been corroborated by many independent researchers and can also be verified today through comparison with one of the first written copies.
Now will Mr. Jones according to his own established rule dare to touch the Bible? (God forbids, I repeat here that we honor all the religions and their Holy Books but just to show people the real face of evil trying to create disorder in the world, had to quote such sentences.)

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